Palette II

When I was stripping back my acrylic palette I decided to glue the big bits on a spare board and then drew the palette shape around it. I added some new paint to some paint blobs at the base and when I sprayed it with water, it ran down and looked rather like trees. I then decided to stick all the little bits that I scraped off to the top of the picture and they looked like birds and insects flying off skyward.

I have already sold the first 'stripped palette' and the time had come to make another one.

This one has butterflies and moths flying off the top.

Framed, floating on white background, behind glass in a black capacity frame.

See it until 6 January at at 'Small Works' exhibition at Bourne End Library.

It is just a bit of fun really!

Size: 40x52 cm approx.
Framed size: 53x72 cm
Madia: Acrylic
Price: SOLD

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