Portrait of Elaine Kidd

This pencil portrait was drawn last (Friday 22nd January).

I was really pleased with this drawing since I think I have managed to capture the wonderfully empathetic and sensitive nature of my lovely wife Elaine (Winks).

She has had her share of medical problems recently and that certain sadness is also evident in her expression.

Winks and I met 48 years ago while both working at Lintas Advertising in Rhodesia. We were married in 1971.

My first portrait of Winks, a pastel drawing, was done in 1971(see below)

Size: 52 x 76 cm
Medium: Pencil on cartridge paper
Price: NFS





  1. Peter Le Blanc Smith
    February 2, 2016

    It is terrific to have done this drawing, Alan. Such a sensitive capture of our lovely Winks both ends of the 45 years. The two portraits show a similar poignant look about her eyes and mouth. What a lot of life experience and memories are stored behind those eyes… that are a little too sad and dark, in the later portrayal, for my interpretation of my wonderful sister.

    • Alan
      February 2, 2016

      You are right Pete, her eyes are too sad and too dark in this drawing as normally Winks is so bright eyed and positive.
      Perhaps I will do another rendition soon.
      She is a very special person and I have always known that. She has an amazing connection with people and hardly ever puts herself first!


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