Pencil Portrait of Simon

I did this pencil sketch yesterday 22.04.2016 and I think the sketch caught a good likeness of Simon without being as controversial as previous paintings.

Simon likes to dress up in Muslim woman's clothing and at over 6ft tall, in high heels is quite an impressive sight especially in a full length black burka.

Scroll down to see below the 'Simon Bound' painting I did a couple of years ago. This painting was never meant to be anything but a portrait of Simon and certainly not a statement or comment on the treatment of women of any race or creed. However as Simon is wearing a Muslim woman's dress there is room for speculation. I have never exhibited the painting in a public gallery and have no intention to do so as I would not want to cause offence of any kind ( although I did try to get the painting into the Mall Gallery but it was rejected)

See previous post - 'Simon is going to London' - click on link below.

Neither of these works are for sale!


Simon Bound

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